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All courses at the Arrow Equestrian Centre at Weston House Farm unless otherwise stated.
Contact Sue Nevill-Parker for booking forms and further details; Tel: 01544 388 321, e-mail:

Work in Hand Class

Christine English jumping her own horse in the unusual "Total Contact Saddle"

Fillippe Valenca - Half Pass

Christine and Slipper

2017 Diary Dates

Ongoing at Arrow
Sue gives Private lessons and short courses throughout the year, any day of the week by prior arrangement. You can bring your own horse or have a lesson on an Arrow Club horse (membership fees apply). In addition, the custom made Racewood Equine Simulator "Blackberry" can be used as a warm up and/or for position analysis and correction. Changes and long term improvements can be made on this amazing machine in a relatively short time even the most hardened sceptic has been amazed at how useful this machine is.

Bookings and deposits for clinics and courses must be received in advance and deposits are non refundable. Please use the booking form on this website and if this is your first visit to Arrow you will be required to fill out a rider registration form. Both forms together with a membership form are available on this website. Please check availability with Sue before sending any bookings.

Private lessons can be arranged with Sue by e-mail or telephone, (best time to call is between 6 and 7.30pm - Tel: 01544 388321). Generally, pupils prepare and put away their horses themselves although there is always someone on the yard to help, so please allow time for this. Cancellations may be charged.

Please note that membership of the Arrow Equestrian Club may entitle you to discounts on lessons and courses. Please go to the Club page for more information.

Work in Hand with Sue Nevill-Parker
From September they will be held every Thursday at 10.30am and will continue through the Winter months, weather permitting. Newcomers are welcome to join us but if you have not worked in hand before, please book in for the 30 minute introductory session at 10am before the main class. This will enable you to continue your practice at your own level from 10.30 while "the regulars" will be doing more advanced work. This will ensure that newcomers are not overwhelmed and the more experienced will not be held up. Bookings must be 2 weeks in advance.
Cost is £18, £15 for Arrow Members.

Arrow Members Days
This is a day for theory and practice starting at 10.30am and finishing at 3.30pm with a break for lunch. It includes a theory and DVD session, a group ride and an Awareness through Movement class. There is a common theme for all 3 sessions during the day with the aim being to thrash out some common misunderstandings and difficulties! It is offered to Arrow members at the special price of just £37 but non members can join us for £65 for the day, numbers permitting. Bring your own lunch.

Craniosacral work, Feldenkrais/Pilates and Alexander Technique
Work off the horse is extremely useful when ironing out position faults, stiffness, crookedness etc. It also enhances general body awareness and I assure you, your horse will notice the difference! All visiting practitioners have their own private practices so are only available on selected dates. They offer private lessons and classes, which can be combined with riding or a session on the equine simulator with Sue. Sessions tend to get booked week on week so please contact Sue or the practitioner well in advance if you want to join us.

Sarah Merriam Pierce, (Feldenkrais and Pilates) has established a regular class on alternate Sundays at 2pm. She is also available for private sessions and Taster sessions on additional days by arrangement. Please text or phone her direct.
Cost Class £17, private £57 Tel: 07709 213 193

Viv Ray, (Craniosacral work), has established regular sessions on Wednesdays treating both riders and horses with amazing results.
Cost People £55; horses £40 Tel: 01981 580 577

Chris English, (Alexander Technique), visits Arrow on Friday/Saturday once every couple of months. I contact her regular pupils when I know she is coming so please get in touch if you want to be put on my contact list.
Cost £48 Tel: 07808 157 836

Nick Webb, (Tai Chi), is offering practice sessions on Friday evenings at 6:45pm. Nick has studied martial arts and Tai Chi for many years and uses it to great effect in his riding. Nick will be focusing on exercises which relate to riding and no previous experience is required. Those who have joined this class over the last few weeks have found the sessions both relaxing and enlightening.
Cost £13 Tel: 01885 483 093 or contact Sue NP, 01544 388321

Taster Days
On selected dates, Sarah Merriam Pierce and I will be offering introductory rider biomechanic sessions combining ridden work, a dismounted session with Sarah (Feldenkrais/ Pilates) and a session on the equine simulator. The total time for an individual will be approx. 2 hours, allowing time for a short break between sessions.Cost £95 per person. If you would like to come with a friend or a group (max 4), sessions will be shared and the cost will be reduced by £10 per person.


22nd-27th Erik Herbermann Clinic, Arrow members may watch for £15 a day (or part of). Non members £40 a day

3rd Arrow Day
7th Restart Weekly Work in Hand session at 10.30am
14th Work in Hand
16th Arrow AGM at 11.30am plus Lunch and videos
17th Sarah MP
21st Work in Hand

1st Sarah MP
12th Work in Hand
15th Arrow Day
19th Work in Hand
26th Work in Hand
27th-28th Christine English Alexander Technique lessons (dismounted)
29th Sarah MP

2nd Work in Hand
9th Work in Hand
12th Arrow Day
16th Work in Hand
19th-26th Sue NP and Sue S in Portugal
26th Sarah MP
30th Work in Hand

1st-2nd Christine English Alexander Technique lessons (dismounted)
7th Work in Hand
10th Arrow Day
14th Work in Hand

7th Arrow Christmas Lunch!
7th Work in Hand restarts